Grievance Report

Appendix l

Disclosure of Grievance Details by the Publishers

(By the 10th of every Month)

Name of The  Publisher:

Website URL :

Information Disclosure Report for the monthof SEPTEMBER 2021 Grievances and action taken Number
1. Grievances Pending at the beginning of the month Nill
2. Grievances Received during the month Nill
3. Grievances disposed out of (1) above Nill
4. Grievances disposed out of(2) Nill
5. Grievances Pending at the end of the month(1+2+3+4) Nill
6. Classification of grievances  disposed  
6(a) Grievances not related to code of Ethics Nill


6.(b) Grievances related to code of Ethics Nill  
  (1)   Agreed to by the Publisher and action taken Nill  
  (2)Not Agreed by The Publisher Nill  
  (3)Any Other Action Taken Nill  
7. Orders,Directions and advisory received fromCentral Government and self-regulatory bodies    
7(a) Number of orders,direction and advisory received Nill  
7(b) Orders,directions and advisory complied to Nill  

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